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Evolve {or die}.

Peek Inside 
the Thinking

Case Studies
from the Executive Trenches




  • Younger audience viewing habits shifting across new platforms.

  • The NFL brand itself is seen across multiple media outlets; each owning/presenting in different ways. ​

  • NFLN must maintain conservative voice, tone, and presentation to preserve and maintain the heritage and legacy of the NFL parent brand.​

  • Use of inconsistent graphic visuals and messages..



  • Re-brand across new platforms to introduce/re-establish NFLN as the authentic and modern NFL authority. 

  • Modernize the NFLN presentation with new signature graphic and sound package to create consistency. 

  • Competitive pillars reinforced through visual anchors all resolving with the parent brand. 

  • Develop an internal graphic architecture system for daily programming, Original launch events, and Live games.




  • Develop and launch a Veterans Coalition with seven competitive organizations 

  • Address equitable access to Covid-19 vaccinations amongst marginalized and socially vulnerable communities

  • Address vaccination hesitancy amongst minorities by utilizing the trusted voice of the Veteran (also vaccination hesitant)

  • Limited media and creative resources




  • Develop a national bi-lingual PSA "trust" campaign directly targeting minorities and veterans. 

  • Play upon the double entendre of the word "arms" to reinforce we are in a war against COVID-19

  • Create a strong CTA through campaign headlines and established hashtags (#thisisoursho) to immediately connect credible medical information to the trusted veteran voice

  • Utilize relatable photography to  highlight the diversity of the communities served

  • Develop a strategic partnership with AdTechCares to utilize digital media partners to amplify the campaign 

  • Secured additional $10M+ in traditional PSA value through various OOH and broadcast channels




  • Brand Awareness 

  • Develop a breakthrough fundraising campaign within a cluttered competitive landscape

  • Limited media resources




  • Create a philanthropic movement during the frenzy of Black Friday encouraging consumers to GO GREY and give back vs shopping

  • Brand opportunity to OWN the color GREY; reinforcing the organic equity in the 150k veteran volunteers, also known as Greyshirts

  • Amplify with PSA media partners and partner platforms.   

  • Develop social media brag kit for donors to post and share that they went Grey on Black Friday.



  • Fuel TV was potentially slated to transition into a new sports network to appeal to a broader male audience.

  • Counter-culture lifestyle brand dedicated to the action-sports genre and it's authentic free-spirited audience; suddenly faced with a company-wide acquisition of UFC.

  • Brand and audience clash between an artistic legacy audience and the un-apologetic fan of MMA created an identity confusion for network and viewers.

  • Fragmentation of the brand essence and voice continued with the broadening of new sports genres (boxing, drifting, racing).



  • Create a multi-phase network re-brand to polish the corporate identity, tone, and offering.

  • Phase 1 was to create a new logo and identity for Fuel TV to appeal to a broader male audience.

  • Envrionment-specific visuals were designed to navigate the sports genres by their environment vs. the sport itself; i.e. land, snow, water, ring, octagon, ring. 

  • Development of internal graphic architecture to promote dayparts; Fight Nights rolled out as programming "events" to create a specific day of the week destination; and Late-Night Cinema was created to maintain our overnight viewing.



  • Disney Channel needed to evolve with audience. Tweens perceived the network as a place for little kids.

  • Programming offered a wide variety of entertainment to appeal to many family members. 

  • Need to create a contemporary voice and break perceptions of the strongly established Disney brand; while still maintaining the overall nostalgia, quality and safe environment.  



  • Create a live-action daypart with new Original series as the premier destination for older kids. Launch the Original Movie brand tackling relevant subject matters, typically not discussed in the Disney environment.

  • Launch Playhouse Disney morning brand as a place for creativity and imagination for the "little kids".

  • Re-position the channel as a destination for Tweens with a brand campaign highlighting the new live-action offerings and buttoning it with the new tagline, "What did ya expect?"



  • The Los Angeles Times, a local iconic newspaper, was experiencing a decline in readers and subscription due to news access being readily available on multiple platforms. 

  • Multiple outlets and sources now providing news in "nuggets". Reader habits shifting from being imbedded into morning or evening rituals; to being consumed in quick headlines on-the-go.

  • Limited print space, combined with a large coverage area of Los Angeles; led to a disconnect with readers who no longer saw it as the go-to local source.



  • Re-positioning campaign to strategically reinforce the social implications between reading the Los Angeles Times with perceived intellect. A Multi-media "Cliffhanger" campaign positioned the Los Angeles Times as the source for news information; both local and national.  Headlines ripped from the day's current news stories were cut off; leaving listeners, viewers, drivers, and readers in suspense and directed to the Times or the answers and information payoff. 

  • A digital password-protected version of the paper was provided to home-delivery subscribers as a value-added to access LAT coverage anywhere. 

  • Re-gain local advantage by expanding local Metro news to connect with readers in their backyards.  Journalist photographs were added to humanize the local aspect of the section. 

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